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Evil Must Die

Artist: SnakeyeS
Label: Area 51 Metal Records
Release Date: 28-3-2020
Genre: Heavy Metal

About Album

SnakeyeS has revealed the title and artwork of its new album.

The cover artwork for the new album, titled “Evil Must Die”, was designed by artist Leo Traverso and is a representation of the music and themes found on this new album all related to one concept: the continuous spread of Evil in our world. “Evil Must Die” consists of ten new songs, produced and mixed by José Pineda, which will take you on a journey through several scenarios, both real and fictional: war, politics, religion, literature and horror – all present throughout the album. The new record is a natural evolution of the musical style developed by SnakeyeS on its previous albums: pure and solid Heavy Metal, dedicated to the genre’s true fans.

Evil Must Die” track list:

  1. War Machine
  2. The Evil Dead
  3. New World Order
  4. Lose Control
  5. I Am Evil
  6. Dead Don’t Ride
  7. The Clown and The God
  8. Death Stranded
  9. Sign of Our Times
  10. All Gods Are Dead

The video for «The Evil Dead», also produced by artist Leo Traverso, is an animated homage to classic horror movies and the cosmic terror universe created by H.P. Lovecraft. «The Evil Dead» video is available here.

 «The Evil Dead» is also available on all major digital platforms.

Evil Must Die”, SnakeyeS’ third full length record, will be released March 28th 2020, during a launch party in Madrid, Spain. The event will take place in the Honky Tonk club and will feature a live performance from the band, as well as a press conference. Access to this release party will be free and fans will be able to pick up new the new album, as well as brand new SnakeyeS merchandise.

“Evil Must Tour” confirmed dates:

  • March 28th –Honky Tonk Club (Madrid) (Release Party, Free Attendance)
  • April 17th – Paberse Club (Valencia) + Law Maker
  • April 18th – Zaragoza (Bowie) + Nightfear
  • June 5th – Sala Even (Sevilla) + Nightfear
  • June 6th – Cádiz – (TBA)
  • June 13th – Camorock Festival (Málaga)

«The Clown and The God» song teaser here.

«New World Order” song teaser here.

Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jose Pineda ar Area 51 studios.
Cover artwork by: Leo Traverso.
You can hear complete and free at Spotify. (Only countries with acces to this plataform) Also you can find on these stores:

and all this others digital distribution platforms : YOutube, Juke, Muve Music, VerveLife, MySpace Music, Rhapsody, MediaNet, Xbox Music, Rdio, iHeartRadio, Sony Music Unlimited, Wimp, Gracenote, Shazam, simfy, 7Digital, Nokia, eMusic.