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Ultimate Sin Digipack Edition


If you’re a fan of Heavy Metal music, SnakeyeS‘ debut album is a must-listen. The album features classic tracks such as “Shadow Warriors“, “Down with the Devil” and “Demon in Your Mind” and was produced and mixed by José Pineda.

In this Heavy Metal album, SnakeyeS has captured the essence of the Judas Priest style, making it a true masterpiece of the genre. Fans of Heavy Music, Hard Rock, and the classic sound of bands will love this album.

Released in March 2015 in Europe and the US, this album is available on digital platforms, making it accessible to fans worldwide. José Pineda’s mix and production take the album to a whole new level, making it an essential addition to any Heavy Metal music collection.

Click aquí para oír el álbum completo en Spotify: Snakeyes – “Ultimate Sin”

Ver el videoclip oficial – SnakeyeS – “Ultimate Sin”

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This Heavy Metal Album album has gained great reviews from all over the world, with songs like “Shadow Warriors”, “Down with the Devil” and “Demon in your mind”, becoming true classics of the band. SnakeyeS’ “Ultimate Sin” is the band’s debut album, released in March 2015. Fans of bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, and the classic Annihilator will especially enjoy this album.

Highly recommended for purists of the Heavy Metal music genre, as well as anyone looking for a hard-hitting, classic sound. The band’s passion for music is evident in every track, making it a must-have for any true Metalhead. Don’t miss out on this incredible record, available on digital platforms worldwide.


  1. Demon in Your Mind
  2. Denied
  3. Shadow Warriors
  4. Black and White
  5. Blood of the Damned
  6. Rise of the Triad
  7. Time of Dismay
  8. Ultimate Sin
  9. Snake Pit
  10. Down with the Devil
  11. The Cross is a Lie

Recorded at AREA 51 Studios in Cádiz, mixed, produced, and mastered by José Pineda, this album showcases the band’s raw energy and love for Heavy Metal music. The album’s artwork, created by Felipe Machado, perfectly captures the album’s spirit, adding an extra layer to the overall experience.

Click here to listen to the full album on Youtube

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