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CD Metal Monster


Are you a fan of Heavy Metal music? Then you need to check out SnakeyeS‘ “Metal Monster“. This album is a true masterpiece, featuring classic hits like “Evolution” “Metal Monster” and “Sign of Death“. Produced by José Pineda, this album is a burst of energy that will make you want to headbang and rock out all night long.

SnakeyeS comments, “Metal Monster” is our “creature our most ambitious project yet, a declaration of intent which aims to seal the band’s own style and consolidate SnakeyeS both nationally and internationally.”

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If you are a fan of Heavy Metal music, this album is a must-have in your collection. With its Hard Rock tunes, Metallica-like beats, Iron Maiden influenced rhythms, and Accept-worthy tracks, “Metal Monster” is a Headbangers delight. The album features 11 brand new songs, recorded and produced by bassist José Pineda in his own studio, including “Cyberkiller,” “Edge of The World,” “Your Own Shadow,” and “Circus of Fools.”

If you are looking to buy a metal album that stands out from the rest, “Metal Monster” is the perfect choice. With its Judas Priest vibes, Thrash Metal beats, and music video anthology, this album is a classic metal tracks compilation that will satisfy all Heavy Metal enthusiasts’ choices.

Don’t wait any longer, buy your copy of SnakeyeS metal album “Metal Monster” now and enjoy the true essence of Heavy Metal music.

The album features 11 brand new songs, recorded and produced by bassist José Pineda in his own studio:

  1. Into The Unknown
  2. Evolution – Click to watch Official Video
  3. (Point of) No Return
  4. Cyberkiller
  5. Metal Monster – Click to watch Official Video
  6. Edge of The World
  7. Sign of Death – Click to watch Official Video
  8. Facing The Darkness
  9. Your Own Shadow
  10. Circus of Fools
  11. Rise Up (The Red Plague)

Click here to listen to the full album on Youtube

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