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Digipack Playing with Armageddon


SnakeyeS Playing with Armageddon Heavy Metal Album is the perfect addition to your music collection. Released on January 1st, 2021, the album features ten tracks of various types, including new songs, live recordings from the “Metal Monster” tour, songs recorded during the lockdown, two acoustic versions, and an “Epic Version” of the song “Metal Monster” accompanied by an orchestra.

The album is a tribute to live shows, where the production is completely different from the album, providing a new experience for fans of the band. The album’s production also hints at the upcoming release of their new album. The mixing and mastering were handled by the band’s bassist and producer, José Pineda, and for the first time, the band worked with an external producer, Jacob Hansen, to handle the mastering of main song and first track “Playing with Armageddon” (You can watch Official Video below).

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Watch Snakeyes – “Playing with Armageddon” Official Video

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The tracklist includes new songs, live recordings, and acoustic versions, such as “Playing with Armageddon,” “Metal Monster” (Epic Version), “Mask of Reality” (Live in Sevilla 2018), “Evolution” (Live in Sevilla 2018), “Ultimate Sin” (Live in Sevilla 2018), “Down with the Devil” (Live in Sevilla 2018), “War Machine” (Recorded live during lockdown), “The Evil Dead” (Recorded live during lockdown), “New World Order” (Recorded live during lockdown), “Denied” (Recorded acoustically at the “Evil Must Die” presentation party), and “Lose Control” (Recorded acoustically at the “Evil Must Die” presentation party).

SnakeyeS Playing with Armageddon Heavy Metal Album is a must-have for heavy metal music fans who appreciate the raw energy and powerful guitar riffs of bands like Judas Priest and Accept. You can buy the album now on all digital platforms and enjoy the music video for “Playing with Armageddon” as part of the album’s promotion.

Click here to watch full live show tracks on Youtube

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